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For your dog’s wellbeing it’s necessary to follow a correct feeding program. Any type of exercise requires a bigger muscle workout than a normal life style would. A correct feeding program has therefore the duty of giving the right nutritional supply necessary for any type of discipline and workout by using complementary food, without overdoing and stressing the body organs, such as liver, pancreas, intestines and kidneys (protein needs dosage, electrolytic balancing, absorption of energetic substances with fast release). One of the main aspects that must be dealt with is the correct definition of the energetic requirement. In fact a poor absorption of energy causes exertion in the dog during workout, while an excessive absorption causes, in a brief period, a lower performance.

What do we intend for complementary food?

It’s a food origin substance that has the duty of improving the physical and aesthetic state of the dog. Complementary food is needed to integrate useful substances necessary, for different reasons (illness, workout stress, constant efforts, environmental stress), to the dog’s organism. It must not be considered a medicine but the use method must be always controlled and recommended by a veterinary physician.

During the use of these substances you must avoid the following:

  • wrong associations;
  • wrong dosages, both for excess and for defect;
  • wrong choice of nutritional supplement;

These mistakes can cause a pressurize both on the liver and kidneys, being these the organs appointed for the elimination of these substances, and causing a worsening of the dog’s health and of its workout performance.

Winner Plus complementary food, thanks to the correct balance of micro and macro elements all completely of natural origin, represent the correct choice to satisfy your dog’s needs.The wide set of products allows you to choose, always with the help of your veterinary physician, the most suitable nutritional supplement for your dog’s necessities.

WINNER PLUS, feed for champion dogs!
Dott. Massimo Floris

Complementary feed WINNER PLUS


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