WINNER PLUS health quality

Dry feed for cats

Proper nutrition is the basis of a healthy and long-lived life, for this reason WINNER PLUS Team research has developed an exclusive Health Quality natural feeding line, entirely dedicated to the particular needs of the cat that need to be supported by a specific supply.

  • WINNER PLUS Indoor Diet: studied for the cat that lives in domestics ambients
  • WINNER PLUS Sterilized Diet: for the health, well-being and needs of the sterilized cat
  • WINNER PLUS Urinary Diet: supports the pH’s regularization in urine, without favoring formation of struvite stones in the urinary tract

WINNER PLUS Health Quality line contains, in just 3 natural products, the maximum compatibility and all the nutrition necessary to guarantee the animal’s health, well-being and vitality every day in compliance with the philosophy of the “Natural Nutrition System”.

Which are the characteristics and advantages of WINNER PLUS Health Quality food?

  • 3 exclusive diets designed for the particular needs of the cat
  • 100% NATURAL recipes prepared with selected ingredients
  • Less magnesium and pH’s regularization in urine to reduce the risk of stones
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 rich for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Excellent anti-hairball action
  • Selected high quality raw materials: noble proteins and delicious salmon
  • Odor reduction
  • Low fat content for cat weight control
  • Immune functions
  • Excellent digestibility: the croquette’s design and consistency are made for correct food chewing, benefit of healthy digestion
  • Maximum tolerance and compatibility as it is free from wheat, soybean flavors, dairy products, sugar, dyes, artificial flavors

Choosing WINNER PLUS Health Quality products, it’s means choosing the best that nature can offer with advanced and prepared recipes to support the functional balance of the organism giving you the opportunity to always offer a complete meal, tailored and top quality. Available in 300g and 2kg formats.


A complete and natural feed, studied for
the health, wellness and vitality of
adult cats living in domestic contexts

WINNER PLUS Sterilized

Natural and complete feed based on chicken
for sterilized adult cats of all breeds

WINNER PLUS Urinary Diet

A natural and complete feed studied for
the health, wellness and vitality of adult cats of all breeds.

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