Dry Feed

Superior quality food prepared with selected raw materials and high certified production standards. A diet designed for dogs of all breeds and ages, offered in many delicious varieties.

What are the characteristics of our SUPER PREMIUM foods?

WINNER PLUS Super Premium is a feed designed for dogs of all breeds and ages, offered in many delicious varieties. Ideal for meeting nutritional requirements at different stages of growth. The gluten-free recipes are prepared using only natural and highly digestible raw materials, carefully selected and of high quality. They make these foods ideal at any stage of the animal’s life and for the different needs of our dogs. This line, made without soy, wheat, egg and dairy free line is prepared without artificial flavors, preservatives or flavors.

WINNER PLUS dry feed contains prime quality meat in dehydrated form

About 70% of the moisture is extracted from fresh meat in a gentle drying process. This means that a feed, containing 30% dehydrated meat, contains approximately 1 kg of fresh dried meat for every kg of dry feed (the amount varies according to the recipe and the type of meat).

WINNER PLUS Puppy Starter

Nutritious and balanced food, rich in vitamins and minerals, designed for puppies in the weaning phase and for mares during the gestation and lactation phase.


Natural feed with high nutritional value for growing puppies. WINNER PLUS Junior is a particularly nutritious complete feed designed for the special nutritional requirements of the young dog during period of growth.


Monoprotein feed with chicken
for adult dogs of all breeds

WINNER PLUS Adult: best quality chicken provides valuable proteins and offers excellent acceptance as well as best digestibility

WINNER PLUS Adult Large Breed

Complete feed with chicken and salmon for adult dogs of large breeds WINNER PLUS Adult Large Breed is a natural and complete feed made without gluten which meets the special nutritional requirements of large breed dogs.

WINNER PLUS Adult Mini with fresh chicken meat

WINNER PLUS Adult Mini is a complete feed with a high energy and protein content ideal for the specific needs of all small dogs breeds and prepared with fresh chicken meat. Ideal for a proper nutrition after the growth and development phase from the ninth month of life.

WINNER PLUS Lamb & Rice 100%

This complete mono protein and gluten free diet contains 28% of high quality lamb as single animal protein source and one single vegetal protein source. Thanks to its easily digestibility formula, this feed is ideally suited for gastric and intestinal sensible dogs or with allergies against fish or different meat types as well as variant incompatibilities.

WINNER PLUS Duck & Rice 100%

Monoprotein feed with duck for delicate dogs. A complete, light and high digestible feed with duck as the only animal protein source and one carbohydrate source. The optimal size of the croquette makes it suitable for dogs of all breeds.

WINNER PLUS Salmon & Rice 100%

Mono protein feed made with salmon for sensitive dogs of all breeds WINNER PLUS Salmon & Rice 100% is a hypoallergenic and mono protein complete diet for all breeds, which is also very suitable for sensitive dogs with intolerances against poultry, lamb and other kinds of meat.

WINNER PLUS Light Senior

Light feed for less active, sterilized, overweight or senior dogs WINNER PLUS Light Senior is a natural, complete and gluten free feed, prepared with prime chicken.

WINNER PLUS Performance

Complete and gluten free feed with a high proportion of quality chicken. The high content of chicken and salmon makes this feed ideal for working and sporting dogs with higher energy requirements. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches or weak and underweight dogs.

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