WINNER PLUS Super Premum cat

Dry feed for cats

A cat’s health starts from its healthy and correct nutrition, its well-being and its vitality require a daily base balanced food intake to guarantee the fulfillment of all the needs of our feline friend. Since always, WINNER PLUS nutritionists study and carefully select the best that nature has to offer for our animal friends respecting the “Natural Nutrition System” philosophy and thanks to the experience and knowledge of raw materials have developed for you an exclusive supply line dry completely dedicated to the cat. A range of natural and innovative feed, highly digestible prepared with raw materials which are carefully processed and checked as done with human food quality, properly balanced to ensure the natural health and vitality of the animal. What makes WINNER PLUS line for cat exclusive is the study of advanced recipes and prepared to support the functional balance of the body giving you the opportunity to offer a more complete meal, “customized” and highest quality.

What are the features and benefits of WINNER PLUS feed?

  • Recipes 100% NATURAL, prepared with selected ingredients
  • A healthy feed with a correct balance of calcium and phosphorus for the proper functioning of the metabolism
  • Less magnesium and stabilize of the urinary-pH value reducing the risk of several urinary stone formation
  • With taurin for the health of the heart.
  • Anti-hairball action
  • Maximum tolerance and compatibility
  • Rich with Omega-3 and Omega 6 for a healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Highly digestible: design and texture of kibble are conceived for a proper chewing of the feed favoring a healthy digestion
  • Available formats: 300 gr and 2kg.

A natural feeds for three good reasons, which make WINNER PLUS line for cats an exclusive and innovative reality able to offer always a meal: healthy, balanced and tasty; highly digestible; ideal for the pickiest cats


Natural and complete food, based on turkey
for kittens and growing cats of all breeds.


Natural and complete food for adult cats, prepared with a unique recipe, carefully balanced and appetizing, using raw materials
selected as high quality chicken.


100% natural, tasty and light food, ideal for older cats
or who need proper weight control.


Natural and complete food, based on salmon for adult cats of all breeds.

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