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Dry feed for cats

What is the meaning of the word “holistic”?

The term “holistic” comes from the Greek word όλος whose meaning indicates “all”. Aim of the holistic medicine is to achieve a global welfare (total) of the organism, therefore the correct psycho/physical balance, obtained by acting with synergy and focusing on all the symptoms of a malaise which is not suppressed but naturally cured. What is called “symptom” is a signal that the body manifests when its functions cease to carry out its activities creating, therefore, a state of imbalance that creates a state of malaise. For this reason, the holistic approach intervenes on each function of the body with a synergistic action and all the while individual, restoring properly every activity and reconstructing the correct balance of the body’s needs to live healthy.

WINNER PLUS holistic, the natural choice

Comparing the concept of “holistic” with the nutrition WINNER PLUS research has developed a range of innovative natural feeds, highly assimilated and easy to digest: the new line WINNER PLUS holistic for cat. All WINNER PLUS holistic feeds are prepared in compliance with the philosophy of the “feeding according to nature”, with a careful selection of raw materials properly balanced to ensure the natural health and vitality of the animal. A monoproteic nutrition deal as a maintenance feed or “therapeutic” feed against the symptoms of malaise, designed and formulated to meet the special dietary needs of the cat in every phase of his life.

What are the benefits of a diet with WINNER PLUS holistic?

  • First choice of raw materials, 100% natural, and fresh meat carefully processed and controlled according to the standards used for human foodstuffs, properly balanced in respect of the daily requirement.
  • A healthy feed, prepared with ingredients rich with active ingredients such as antioxidants, which are essential for the defense of the cells and the metabolism proper functioning.
  • Maximum tolerance
  • Stimulates the good bacterial flora, inhibiting the growth of the negative one.
  • Supports the immune system enhancing the activity
  • A forefront feed: studied and prepared using the most advanced technologies.
  • The cat’s body prepares itself in a natural way to avoid the conditions of malaise.

Why do we select carefully our ingredients?

Each ingredient is selected to take specific action on every single function of the body, the good condition of all activities ensures the health and vitality of your cat in its “total” (holistic approach).

WINNER PLUS holistic, the best of nature for the health of your cat.

WINNER PLUS Chicken holistic

Natural, holistic and complete feed based on fresh chicken meat
for adult cats of all breeds

WINNER PLUS Salmon holistic

Natural, holistic and complete feed based
on salmon for adult cats of all breeds

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