Carrot tablets with biotin

Natural product that helps the dog to keep his body weight constant.
It promotes the purification of the entire organism,
supports pigmentation and the correct skin exfoliation

ensures a correct skin peeling

WINNER PLUS Carrot Tabs with biotin is a natural product which helps to maintain a constant body weight. It promotes the purification of the entire organism, supports pigmentation and ensures a correct skin peeling. The naturally contained Vitamin A is often necessary and recommended because during the phase of food processing the nutritional values of this element can get lost.

Application areas:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves reproductive activity
  • Supports the development of natural pigments
  • An anti-worming effect is also said to be beneficial to carotene ingredients


Carrots, dried and ground; milk and dairy products; beta carotene; dextrose; biotin; vitamins.

Analytical constituents:

Crude ash 6%; crude protein 5%; crude fiber 2,50%; crude fat 1,20%.

Additives per kg. Nutritional additives per kg

Biotin 4.000 mcg

Availables formats:

200 gr; 600 gr; 1400 gr


Small dogs up to 10 kg: 2 tablets per day

Medium-sized dogs up to 20 kg: 4 tablets per day

Large breed dogs up to 40 kg: 6 tablets per day

Large breed dogs over 40 kg: 8 tablets per day

Once the desired result has been achieved, we recommend continuing the daily dosage with: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

WINNER PLUS Carrot Tabs can be served mixed with the food or can be fed pure. For picky dogs, we recommend to crush the tablets in advance.
For sensitive dogs break the tablets before serve them.

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