Why choose WINNER PLUS Mini holistic?


A small dog distinguishes itself from a larger size dog not only for the size but also for the whole anatomical and functional system, thus presenting very different characteristics and requirements that need to be supported by an appropriate nutrition.

Proper nutrition is the basis for a long and healthy life, for this WINNER PLUS research has developed a new and exclusive natural holistic feed line for your little loyal friend, a complete line highly compatible, rich with herbs and red fruits, which fully meets the daily nutritional requirements of all breeds: the newest line WINNER PLUS Mini holistic.  

WINNER PLUS Mini holistic is a range of natural and innovative feed, highly digestible, prepared respecting the "Natural Nutrition System" philosophy with raw materials which are carefully processed and checked as done with human food quality, properly balanced to ensure the natural health and vitality of the animal.

A mono protein feed Ideal as a maintenance feed or "therapeutic" feed, against malaise's symptoms, a feed conceived and formulated to satisfy the dog's specific nutritional needs during each phase of its life providing always the right intake of energy required to sustain the vitality of your four legged friend.

Why choose WINNER PLUS Mini holistic?

A natural feed enriched with herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, licorice root, carob flour) and red fruits (dog rose, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry), with anti aging and anti inflammatory effect providing active cell protection against free radicals.

A healthy feed, prepared with ingredients rich of active substance such as antioxidants, essential for the defense of the cells and the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Correct chewing: form and texture of kibble are conceived for a proper chewing of the feed favoring a healthy digestion.

Maximum tolerance since free of soy, corn, eggs, dairy products and other ingredients source of allergens, prepared without chemical color, taste and aroma

It stimulates the good bacteria, inhibiting the growth of the negative one. Mini-sized dogs have an extremely sensitive intestinal flora, so it is necessary that feed is highly digestible.

Favors the immune system enhancing activity

An avant-garde feed: studied and prepared using the most advanced technologies 

Why is it an innovative feed? Because we guarantee maximum compatibility!

As a result of the experience of WINNER PLUS nutritionists, the new Mini holistic line encloses in just three natural products the maximum compatibility and all the necessary nutrition you need every day to ensure the health, well-being and vitality of your little friends.

WINNER PLUS Mini holistic, the natural wellbeing for your little, great friend!

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