A wide set of high professional products of complete and complementary feeds prepared with attention and passion, using raw materials, 100% natural, that follow the km 0 philosophy, selected and processed in order to obtain the highest quality, respecting the FSSC 22000 standards and made without chemical colorings, flavorings and aromas.


A pet's health comes from its correct nutrition, for this Winner Plus products don't present traces of GMO, soy (assimilated up to 70%) or wheat. This guarantees the highest quality of a healthy, balanced, digestible and hypoallergenic product.


The high quality of raw materials are carefully processed and checked as done with human feed quality standard, respecting FSSC 22000 certification that establishes the necessary conditions to ensure the best quality feed.
The production chain is constantly subjected to strict controls.

Our natural product lines

Dog feed

discover our dog line

Super Premium holistic

Complete feed prepared with the addition of herbs and fruits, without the use of cereals, ideal to satisfy dog's special dietary needs during any phase of its life, in full compliance with the ethical values "feed according to nature".

Super Premium

High quality feed prepared with selected raw materials and high production standards certificated. A feed conceived for dogs of all breeds and ages, proposed in so many delicious varieties.

Professional Premium

Very high quality feed prepared with selected raw materials and high certificate production standards, ideal to guarantee a correct maintenance of the dog.


Best quality feed ideal for basic maintenance.

Complementary feed

Complementary feed 100% natural conceived to improve dog's physical state and aesthetic appearance reinstating the body with substances useful for well-being and vitality


Semi-humid feed for dogs, 100% natural, ideal to give as a "reward" during training or other activities, conceived and balanced to not alter the normal feed ration.

Cat feed

discover our cat line

Super Premium

High quality wet feed prepared with selected raw materials and high certificate production standards, ideal for all breeds and ages and for any specific need.

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Cruelty Free

Winner Pus forbids any animal testing and animal abuse during every phase of the production, classifying the product as "Cruelty Free", a further reason to make a responsible choice.


The high quality of raw materials that are carefully processed and certificate as done with human food quality, ensuring a fresh, healthy and genuine product for your animals wealth being and vitality.