Winner Plus
Brewer's yeast - Tablets

A natural product that allows to regulate the dog's appetite improving the digestive process function. Useful for the strengthening of the nervous system and brightness of the mantle improving the dog's general conditions.

WINNER PLUS Brewer’s Yeast Tabs is a natural product, alike human food quality standards. It has an appetizing effect on dogs, helps regulate digestion and helps against certain forms of diarrhea. Yeast gives a nice coat and improves the overall well-being of your dog.


Natural Effects:

• Vitamins (B1 & B2) strengthen the energy metabolism, promote a healthy skin & optimal coat, support the immune system and eyesight.

• Vitamin B6 ensures a better shine of the coat, a good function of the nervous system, contributes to vasodilatation (vascular dilation).

• Vitamin B12 supports the production of Myelin and the production of red blood cell sand corpuscles.

• Naturally contained biotin supports the hair structure of and provides a shiny coat.

Available formats: 200 gr; 600 gr; 1400 gr

Composition: yeasts; milk and dairy products; dextrose; minerals & trace elements; biotin; vitamins.


Analytical constituents: crude protein 30%; crude ash 6%; crude fat 2,20%; raw fiber 0,20%.


Nutritional additives per kg: Choline  2.260 mg; Iron 310 mg; Nicotinic acid 255 mg; Vitamin B1 80 mg; Zinc 64 mg; Pantothenic acid 64 mg; Copper 39 mg; Manganese 32 mg; Vitamin B2 30 mg; Vitamin B6 30 mg; Folic acid 12 mg; Biotin 550 mcg.


Feeding recommendation per pet per day:

Cats: 1 tablet

Small dogs up to 10 kg and puppies: 1 - 2 tablets

Medium sized dogs up to 20 kg:2 - 4 tablets

Larger sized dogs up to 40 kg: 4 - 6 tablets

Large & maxi sized dogs over 40 kg: 6 - 8 tablets


The specified feeding recommendation may not be exceeded.

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