Winner Plus
Strong Biotin - Tablets

A natural product whose constant use favors the brightness of the dog's mantle, the skin hydration, reducing notably the loss of hair molt periods.

WINNER PLUS Biotin Forte Tabs is a pure natural product. The permanent use supports a healthy shiny coat and cares for a sufficient skin hydration, whereby in particular the hair loss during the change of coat is positively influenced.

It promotes the carbohydrate, lipid protein metabolism and is important for the breakdown of B vitamins. When administered correctly, it supports a healthy skin and a strong, shiny coat and minimizes hair loss.

It helps to protect the function of sebaceous glands, the nerve tissue and  the bone marrow. The ingredients of Biotin Forte Tabs also contribute to optimal pigmentation of coat, nose and paw pads.


What does the lack of biotin cause?

• excessive hair loss, dull, dry and brittle coat

• dermatitis, eczema, skin irritation and injuries, pigmentation disorders

Available formats: 200 gr; 600 gr; 1400 gr

Composition: biotin (vitamin H); yeast;  milk and dairy products; vitamins.


Analytical constituents: crude protein 36%; crude fat 2,40%; crude fiber 0,30%; raw ash 6,30%.


Nutritional additives per kg: 4.000.000 mcg biotin.


Recommended use: WINNER PLUS Biotin Forte Tabs can be served mixed with the food or can be fed pure. For cats or picky dogs crush tablets before feeding.


Feeding recommendation per pet per day:

Cats: ½  tablet

Small dogs up to 10 kg: 2 tablets

Medium sized dogs up to 20 kg: 3 tablets

Larger sized dogs up to 40 kg: 4 tablets

Large & maxi sized dogs over 40 kg: 5 tablets


For fur problems administer the indicated dosage for 8 weeks. Subsequently half a dosage is sufficient.

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