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Algomar - Seaweed tablets

A natural product that allows the correct stimulation of the pigmentation process of the eyes, nose, paw plants and, especially in German Shepherd dogs, of the mantle. Also it improves the digestion and food assimilation.

WINNER PLUS Algomar Seaweed Tabs made from fresh seaweed is a high quality natural product which promotes the optimal stimulation of the pigmentation of coat, nose and paw pads by contained iodine, zinc and carotenoids.

Due to the high content of minerals, amino acids and trace elements Algomar Seaweed Tabs can help compensate unbalanced diet and have a positive influence on the coat. The amino acid lysine contained in WINNER PLUS Algomar Seaweed Tabs optimizes the feed efficiency. Cellulose and mannitol actively support the digestion and food assimilation. Due to the high content of vitamins (such as vitamin C) the immune system will be boosted as well as condition and motivation to perform will be promoted.

Available formats: 200 gr; 600 gr; 1400 gr

Composition: Fresh sea algae (dried). Obtained from fresh seaweed Ascophyllumnodosum. Without additives and Preservative.


Natural health gained from the sea: Seaweed is an  organic food rich in natural mineral salts. It produces a large amount of iodine, salt, calcium, sulfur, potassium, iron and magnesium during their formation process.


Analytical constituents: crude ash 17%.


Feeding recommendation per pet per day:

Cats & small dogs: 1 - 2 tablets

Medium & large dogs: 2 tablets per 10 kg body weight


Maximum dosage of 10 tablets per dog per day.Give along with the daily food.

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